Meeting Program 2013

44th Annual Meeting

September 20–22, 2013
Eaglewood Resort
Chicago, Illinois

Welcome – PRS President Stacy Zamudio, PhD

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Sandra Davidge, PhD – Are There Interventions to Rescue a Fetal Programmed Phenotype?

Mead Johnson Nutritional Speaker

J. Nelson, MD –The Legacy of Pregnancy: Microchimerism for Better or for Worse

March of Dimes Speaker

Lisa Robinson, MD, FRCP – Leukocyte Trafficking in Inflammation: Links to the Developing Brain

NICHD Speaker

Ronald Wapner, MD – Transitioning Microarray Technology From the Bench to Bedside

Abbott Nutrition Speaker

Paolo Rinaudo, MD, PhD – Preimplantation Disturbance and Long Term Health

Invited Member Speaker

Mala Mahendroo, PhD – Cervical Remodeling in Term and Preterm Birth: New Insights into Distinct Mechanisms

Invited Guest Speakers

Alan Guttmacher, MD – A Vision for the Future of Perinatal Research

Surendra Sharma, MD, PhD – New Mechanistic/Therapeutic Options for Preeclampsia

Leadership 2013

President – Stacy Zamudio, PhD

Secretary-Treasurer – Ian M. Bird, PhD

Memories from 2013 Meeting – Englewood Resort, Chicago, IL