Meeting Program 2018

49th Annual Meeting

September 7-9, 2018
Hilton Inverness Hotel and Conference Center
Englewood, Colorado

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Welcome – PRS President, Jeff Reese, MD

Mead Johnson Nutrition Speaker

Jeff Alberts, PhD – Gravid Without Gravity: Spaceflight Experiments Yield Insights into Perinatal Development

Abbott Nutrition Speaker

David Keefe, MD – Preimplantation Genetic Testing – Past – Present and Future

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Jane Harding, ONZM MBCHB DPhi FRCPC FRSNZ –Glucose Levels in Babies: Too High – Too Low – Too Variable – and Does it Matter?

PSANZ-PRS Mont Liggins Early Career Speaker

Aidan James Kashyap – A Bundle of Care for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia – Bigger Lungs – Better Vessels – and a Smoother Transition

March of Dimes Speaker

Richard Finkel, MD – Genetic Modulation Strategies for Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Current and Future Treatments

NICHD Speaker

Stephen Kingsmore, MD, DSC – Perinatal Genomic Medicine

Vanderbilt Speaker

Sylvain Chemtob, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FAAP, FCAHS, FARVO – Discovery of New IL-1 Receptor – Modulator – Prevention of Preterm Labor and Preservation of Fetal Integrity

Mead Johnson Nutrition Early Career Speakers

Andrea Edlow, MD– Maternal Obesity and Fetal Inflammation: Brain-Placenta Crosstalk and Consequences Across the Lifespan

Heather Brockway, PhD – A Role for Placental Maturity in Idiopathic Spontaneous Preterm Birth

Abbott Nutrition Early Career Speakers

Brigid Gregg, MD –Lactational Programming of Offspring Insulin Resistance and Adiposity by Lactational High Fat Diet Exposure

Teresa Sparks, MD –Non-immune Hydrops Fetalis: Toward a Precision-based Approach

Invited Member Speakers

Thomas Jansson, MD, PhD – The Placenta and Life-long Health: How Understanding the Placenta Can Help Us Building Better Babies

Jennifer Sucre, MD, PhD –Bioengineering Human Lung Development and Disease

James Wynn, MD – Modifiable Determinants of Neurodevelopmental Impact in Neonatal Sepsis

Leadership 2018

President – Jeff Reese, MD

Secretary – Paul Rozance, MD

Memories from 2018 at the Hilton Inverness Hotel -Englewood, CO – Salsa Making Contest, Gathering with Colleague and Friends.