PRS Membership

The membership of the Perinatal Research Society is comprised of equal numbers of independent investigators engaged in research in Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology or Basic Sciences disciplines.  We invite applications for Full Membership from those  who are currently established as independent researchers in these three disciplines.  Full details of the nomination process are given below.

The Society is also committed to the training and development of Young Investigators and Early Career Investigators who are committed to a research career and are making the transition from mentored trainee to independent investigator. We invite applications from such Early Career Investigators for Associate Membership of PRS.  Full details of the nomination process are given below.

Why become a member?

Our meetings are run in the style of a retreat and rarely exceed 150 attendees. We also make a point at our meeting of not having trade shows or poster sessions, and the focus is on high level research at the cutting edge. As such, and regardless of Full or Associate Membership, as a member of this Society you will be able to discuss the field at the highest level, and in the break periods and evening sessions both make and maintain connections to leading researchers in the field of Perinatal Research.

For Associate members in particular there is the added benefit that PRS Full members are actively engaged in NIH or international equivalent grant funded research and often sit on the associated grant agency review panels.  This combined with the career development opportunities are available for Young Investigators and Early Career individuals through the NIH/Abbott Nutrition Grant Writing Workshop make PRS an ideal environment to develop the research and administrative skills and understanding necessary for career success.

Directory information is available to Members Only

 Membership Categories

In order to be  considered for membership, applicants must submit the following directly to the PRS as either a word or PDF document at:

  • CV and a letter of application including your academic degree, current academic title, institution, full contact information and detailed information regarding your qualifications to apply for membership status.  Please include the track you are applying for and the level of membership
  • Tracks:      Basic Science,   OB/Gyn,    Pediatrics
  • Membership Level:      Full Member,   Associate Member
  • Contact information including email addresses for two members of PRS who can provide letters of sponsorship.  If you do not know 2 members, please contact the PRS for assistance.
  • The PRS will confirm receipt of your application within 1 week.

 Full Membership

It is anticipated that those individuals will have a faculty appointment and be at least at an assistant professor or associate professor level. It is also anticipated that they have embarked on a productive research career, as evidenced by their contributions to peer review journals. Although extramural grant support is not a prerequisite to membership, this form of peer review is considered one more example of an individual's recognition in the academic community as a productive and independent research investigator.  Submission of an independent research award as the principal investigator that has yet to be funded, plus a track record of publications suggesting a move towards independence, are the most typical positive indicators we seek. Such grant applications and awards could include federal or private (foundation/society) sources.  Consideration for Full Membership would be made on the basis that a clear commitment to obtaining funding and developing independence be demonstrated.

Full Membership Requirements

  • Members are required to pay US$125 in yearly dues.
  • Members are required to attend 2 out of every 4 meetings. An excused absence can be requested by email to the Secretary/Treasurer before the meeting date.
  • The age range for new active members is capped at 55 years of age. Those admitted to the Society after attaining the age of 55 years are considered senior members and must pay dues, can vote, but cannot be elected into Council. International members (individuals residing outside of Canada or the United States) are also expected to attend two out of every four meetings.
  • Participation in Perinatal Research Society annual meetings is viewed as central to the mission of the Society. Those individuals accepted into membership are expected to commit themselves to attending two out of three meetings in any given three-year period.

Associate Membership:

It is anticipated that applicants who apply for Associate Membership will be Senior Fellows or Junior Faculty who may not have independent funding, but demonstrate a commitment to research in reproductive sciences. While support by an individual training award (e.g., mentored award) provides clear evidence of commitment to a research career, it is not required.  Associate members will participate in annual meetings but remain non-voting members of PRS and cannot hold a position on Council or as President/President Elect until achieving Regular Member status. They are, however, encouraged to attend the annual business meeting as a way of becoming more familiar with the society.

Associate Membership Requirements:

  • Associate Members will be required to pay yearly dues of $50.
  • Associate members will be required to attend 2 out of 4 meetings similar to Regular Members and are strongly encouraged to use the society to learn and further their early career through interaction with the Council and Regular Members.
  • Status as an Associate Member will run for maximum of 5 years, after which it would be expected that an Associate Member be considered for Regular Membership. Alternatively, nomination to Regular Membership status can be done at any time within the 5 years with the support of a Regular Member.

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