Young Investigator Cassady Presidential Award

Award Purpose: For Meritorious Performance at the Annual Perinatal Research Society Meeting

Selection Criteria: The award is to be presented to a Young Investigator/Early Career Speaker at the meeting  who most embodies the criterion of excellence defined by the PRS president at that time. The PRS president may invite anyone to assist in this decision as they see fit. It should be advised the recipient also attend the whole meeting to receive the award.

Origin of the Award: This award was established in 2012 to honor of Al Cassady, from Mead-Johnson Nutrition (corporate meeting sponsor) in recognition of the personal effort that Al made to nurture young investigators far beyond the norm in his work with Mead-Johnson. Al had achieved numerous awards throughout his career including:

  • Chair of the Board of Directors for ADAF
  • Mead Johnson Nutrition President's Award
  • Mead Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mead Johnson Legends Award

Thea Golden, PhD, is the 2021 Young Investigator Cassady Presidential Award (left) - pictured with 2021 PRS President, Irina Burd, MD  PhD.

Past Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2019 Dr. Amelie Collins - MD  PhD
2018 Dr. Andrea Edlow - MD
2017 Dr. Jennifer Thompson -PhD
2016 Dr. Arthur Jason Vaught - MD
2015 Dr. Nicole Barra - PhD
2014 Dr. Joann Romano-Keeler -MD
2014 Dr. R. Blair Dodson - PhD
2013 Dr. Trent Tipple - MD
2012 Dr. James Wynn - MD