Meeting Program 2016

47th Annual Meeting

September 23-25, 2016
Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Itasca, Illinois

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Welcome - PRS President, Ian Bird, PhD

Mead Johnson Nutrition Speaker

Alan Conley, BVSc MS PhD FRCVS – Human Exceptionalism: Is It the Exception that Proves the Rule?

March of Dimes Speaker

Brian Cox, PhD –Genes - Placentas and Pathologies - a Multi-Scale Systems Biology Analysis

NICHD Placental Project

David Weinberg, PhD – The Human Placenta Project: Progress and Future Directions

Mead Johnson Nutrition Early Career Speakers

Kevin Johnson, PhD – Prospects for Monitoring Maternal-Fetal Disease using Advanced Quantative MR

Styliani Goulopoulous, MS PhD – Hypertension in Pregnancy: Novel Mechanisms of Maternal Vascular Dysfunction

Abbott Nutrition Speaker

Jonathan M Fanaroff, MD JD – Prevailing Ethical Issues in Fetal & Neonatal Care

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Kent L Thornburg, PhD – Women - Placentas - Babies: New Insights on the Origins of Human disease

PSANZ Early Career Speaker

Stacey Ellery, PhD – Is Creatine Transport and Synthesis Important for Human Placental Bioenergetics?

Abbott Nutrition Early Career Speakers

Arthur Vaught, MD – The Upregulation of the Alternative Pathway of Complement of HELLP Syndrome

Mary Robbins, MD – Role of MicroRNAs in Neonatal Lung Disease Models

NIH / NICHD Speaker

Gary D Hammer, MD PhD – Translating Adrenal Stem Cells: Implications for Disease 

UW-Madision OGBYN Speaker

Laura L Hernandez, PhD – SSRIs: The Good and Potentially Ugly? Invited Associate Member Speaker

Invited Associate Member Speaker

Jill Maron MD MPH –Bringing Salivary Diagnostics to the Neonatal Bedside

Leadership 2016

President – Ian Bird, PhD

Secretary - Treasurer – Paul Rozance, MD

Memories from 2016 Meeting - Eaglewood Resort, Itasca, IL