Welcome to the Perinatal Research Society

The Perinatal Research Society was established in 1969 to foster scientific interchange and communication among perinatal pediatricians, obstetricians, and basic scientists whose research interests were in the area of perinatal medicine and developmental biology.

The continuing purpose of the Society is to encourage active and productive exchange and collaboration between young investigators and those more established – through the organization of a yearly scientific meeting.

To this end the PRS hosts the annual meeting to present lectures on current developments in the field, followed by dynamic discussion periods. These lectures are presented by nationally and internationally renowned scientists at the forefront of research activities in their respective areas.

Additionally, informal interactions between young and senior investigators is a high priority of the annual Perinatal Research Society meeting. To facilitate communication, we invite those still in training and seeking independence to join us at the meeting for the Young Investigator program. We offer a training workshop to teach trainees how to secure funding for independent research.

PRS Annual Meeting 2022

September 9-11

“Maternal and Placental Metabolism and Influences on Fetal Development”

Sonesta Bee Cave Hotel – Austin TX

Sonesta Bee Cave - Austin, TX

The 52nd annual Perinatal Research Society meeting will meet September 9- 11 at the Sonesta Bee Cave Hotel – just west of Austin, TX. Every year PRS members (obstetricians, pediatricians and basic scientists) and guests gather to hear nationally recognized speakers, build foundations for collaborations, encourage early career researchers, renew friendships, and discuss science!

Annual Meeting 2022

PRS Annual Meeting Young Investigator Program/Grant Writing Workshop

The PRS Young Investigator Program/Grant Writing Workshop invites researchers still in training to attend the annual meeting, meet PRS members and share their ideas. In addition, the pre-meeting workshop provides an opportunity to develop a grant proposal while working with senior PRS members.  

Young Investigator Program Information