Meeting Program 2009

40th Annual Meeting

Mohonk House
New Paltz, New York

Welcome – PRS President Jeffrey Segar, MD

Mead Johnson Speaker

Chris Kuzawa, PhD, MsPH –  Developmental Plasticity, Nutrition and Adult Health: Evolutionary Perspectives

NICHD Speaker

Michael K. Georgieff, MD – The Role of Fetal and Neonatal Iron in Learning and Memory

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Leslie Myatt, PhD – Orchestrator or Cipher: the Placenta in Fetal Programming

Abbott Nutrition Speaker

David A. Ingram Jr., MD – Biology of Endothelial Progenitor Cells: Clinical and Therapeutic Uses


Jaques Belik, MD – Does Unique Early-Life Pulmonary Vasomotor Tone Regulation Account for Distinguishing Features of Neonatal and Adult Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension?

Invited Guest Speakers

Ofer Levy, MD, PhD – Distinct Innate Immunity of the Human Newborn: Basic Mechanisms, Clinical Correlations & Translational Opportunities

Lawrence P. Reynolds, PhD – Uteroplacental Vascular Development and Placental Function: An Update

Sarah K. England, PhD – Can K+ Channels Modulate the Timing of Labor?

Margaret L. Kirby, PhD – Congenital Heart Defects from the Perspective of Heart Fields

Pathik Wadhwa, MD, PhD – Prenatal Stress and Stress Biology in Human Pregnancy

Leadership 2009

President – Jeffrey Segar, MD

Secretary-Treasurer – Anthony R. Gregg, MD

Memories from 2009 Meeting – Mohonk, New Paltz, NY