Meeting Program 2003

34th Annual Meeting

The Mills House Hotel
Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome – PRS President Christine Gleason, MD

Ross Abbott Speaker

Sam Hawgood, MD – Surfactant Proteins: Regulators of Alveolar Homeostasis

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Lindsey Allen, MD, FRCP – Outcomes After Fetal Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease – Have We Made a Difference?

NICHD Speaker

Cathy Spong, MD, PPB, CRMC, NICHD, NIH –Prevention of Alcohol-Induced Damage in a Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

CIHR Speaker

David Olson, PhD –A Decade of Advances in Prostaglandins and Pre-Term Labour: Are We Any Closer to an Effective Tocolytic?

March of Dimes Speaker

Michael Gravett, MD – Proteomics: Applications to Maternal and Perinatal Health

Mead Johnson Speaker

Paul Trainor, PhD – Neural Crest Cells: Plasticity and the Role of a Stem Cell Like Population in Craniofacial Development Disease and Evolution

Invited Guest Speakers

Kanwaljeet S. Anand, MBBS, D. Phil, PCCM, FRCPCH – Long-term effects of Repetitive Pain and Analgesia in Neonates

Timothy Baba, MD PhD The Strategic Evolution of AIDS Vaccine Development

Francis Northington, MD Brain Injury and Development

Francois Luks, MD, PhD – The Shrinking Scope: Evolution of Fetal Surgery, Instrumentation and Indications

Leadership 2003

President – Christine Gleason, MD

Secretary-Treasurer – Lowell E. Davis, MD