Meeting Program 2006

37th Annual Meeting

UCLA Conference Center
Lake Arrowhead, California

Welcome – PRS President Rebecca Simmons, MD

CIHR Speaker

Derek van der Kooy, PhD – How to Build a Brain

March of Dimes Speaker

Jeff Murray, MD – A Three-Generation Approach to the Genetics of Prematurity

NICHD Speaker

Teresa Woodruff, PhD – Formation and Persistence of the Ovarian Follicle

Mead Johnson Speaker

Ron Clyman, MD –Patent Ductus Arteriosus: On the Road to Timbuktu

Ross Abbott Speaker

Susan Guttentag, MD – When Good Cells Turn Bad: the Alveolar Type 2 Cell in Lung Injury

Lily Lectureship and Award Winner

David Haig, MD Evolution of Childhood

Invited Guest Speakers

Roberto Romero, MD, NIH/NICHD, DHHS – Maternal Death and Neutrophil Biology During Pregnancy

Harry Ischiropoulos, PhD – Developmental Changes of Pulmonary and Systemic Nitric Oxide Metabolites in a Baboon Model of Chronic Lung Disease

Robert Lane, MD – Epigenetics: An Active Adaptation to Early Life Events

Leadership 2006

President – Rebecca Simmons, MD

Secretary-Treasurer – Anthony R. Gregg, MD