Meeting Program 2008

39th Annual Meeting

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome – PRS President Yoel Sadovsky, MD

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

James M. Roberts, MDWhither Whither Toxaemia? (Whither Toxaemia revisited)

Abbott Nutrition Speaker

Terrie Inder, MDNew Advances in Recognition and Treatment of Brain Injury in the Term Born Infant


Jacquetta M. Trasler, MDCM, PhD Importance of Germline and Early Embryo DNA Methylation Dynamics for Normal Fetal Development

NICHD Speaker

Michael Soares, PhDUteroplacental Adaptations

March of Dimes Speaker

Fred W. Turek, PhDDysregulation of Circadian Rhythms as Sleep-Wake Cycle: Impact on Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Mead Johnson Speaker

Jeff Neil, MD, PhD – Understanding Brain Injury in the Preterm Infant

Invited Guest Speakers

Pathik Wadhwa, MB, DS, PhDStress in Human Pregnancy: Biological Mediators and Effects

Sam Mesiano, PhDSteroid Hormone Receptors and the Physiology of Human Birth Timing

Emmet Hirsch, MDThe Role of Tool-like Receptors Signaling in Infection-Induced Preterm Labor

Leadership 2008

President – Yoel Sadovsky, MD

Secretary-Treasurer – Anthony R. Gregg, MD

Memories from 2008 Meeting – Santa Fe, New Mexico