Meeting Program 2005

36th Annual Meeting

Le Chateau
Montebello, Quebec, Canada

Welcome – PRS President Ira Bernstein, MD

NICHD Speaker

Judah Folkman, MD– Placental Angiogenesis and Clinical Implications

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Lowell Davis, MD – Anemia and Vascular Growth in the Fetal Heart

Mead Johnson Speaker

Olivia Judson, PhD – Evolutionary Biology of Pregnancy

March of Dimes Speaker

Sandra Juul, MD – Update on Neuroprotection in Neonates: Can Epo Make a Difference?

Ross Abbott Speaker

Michelle Lampl, MD, PhD – Saltation and Stasis in Growth

Invited Guest Speakers

Charles Lockwood, MD – Inherited Thrombophilias and Pregnancy Complications

George Osol, PhD – Integration of Physiologic Stimuli by the Vascular Wall in the Regulation of Arterial Caliber

Marianne Thorensen, MD, PhD –Keep Cool – A Story of Anecdotes, Experimental Work and Successful Clinical Trials of Hypothermia as Neuroprotection

Leadership 2005

President – Ira Bernstein, MD

Secretary-Treasurer – Anthony R. Gregg, MD