Meeting Program 2000

32nd Annual Meeting

The Banff Centre
Bamff, Alberta, Canada

Welcome – PRS President Margaret McLaughlin, PhD

Mead Johnson Speaker

Thomas Musci, MD – Getting the Message Across: Translational Regulation During Early Embryogenesis

Abbott Ross Speaker

Caroline McMillen, MD PhD – Fetal Neuroendocrine and Cardiovascular Adaptations to Alterations in Nutrient Supply – the Fetal Origins of Adult Disease?

March of Dimes Speaker

Lisa G. Shaffer, PhD –Uniparental Disomy: Mechanisms and Clinical Consequences

NICHD Speaker

Kent  L. Thornburg, PhD – What Can We Learn From a One Millimeter Heart? Experiments in Early Cardiac Development

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

S. Lee Adamson, PhD – Hemodynamics in the Fetal Placental Circulation

Medical Research Council of Canada Speaker

Sylvain Chemtob, MD PhD – Nuclear G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Biological Implications of Novel Targets

Invited Guest Speakers

Eva M. Eicher, PhD – What Genes Determine Whether We Make Ovaries or Testes?

Dorothy Vawter, PhD – The Use of Embryos and Fetuses in Research and Tissue Donation: Three Decades of Ethical and Policy Questions

Julie A. DeLoia, PhD –Cellular and Molecular Insights into Uterine Receptivity

Leadership 2000

President – Margaret McLaughlin, PhD

Secretary-Treasurer – Lowell E. Davis, MD