Meeting Program 2004

35th Annual Meeting

The Banff Centre
Alberta, Canada

Welcome – PRS President Ronald R. Magness, PhD

Ross Abbott Speaker

Rebecca Simmons, MD – Fetal Origins of Adult Disease, Nature vs Nurture

March of Dimes Speaker

John J. Greer, PhD – Insights into the Pathogenesis and Etiology of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Mead Johnson Speaker

Philip W. Shaul, MD – Signaling Modules in Caveolae/ Lipid Rafts: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Liley Lectureship and Award Winner

Phil Baker, MD – Pre-eclampsia:Time to Translate Bench to Bedside

CIHR Speaker

B. Lowell Languille, PhD – Hemodynamic Forces and Developmental Arterial Remodeling

NICHD Speaker

Thaddeus G Golos, PhD – A Human Embryonic Stem Cell Model for Trophoblast Differentiation and Placental Morphogenesis

Invited Guest Speakers

Michael Acarregui, MD, PhD – Angiogenic Factors in Alveolar Development: Maintaining Community Amongst Diversity

Kelle Harbert Moley, MD – Maternal Hyperglycemia and Hyperinsulinemia-Effect on Oogenesis and Preimplantation Embryogenesis

Brigid Hogan, PhD – Branch, Bud and Stem: Deconstructing Lung Development

Leadership 2004

President – Ronald R. Magness, PhD

Secretary-Treasurer – Lowell E. Davis, MD